United Belize Advocacy Movement (Belize)

An important tool that needs to be led using a community model.

  Human Rights Campaign (United States)

Critical in assisting organizations in their growth and visibility.

  European Gay & Lesbian Managers Association (Switzerland)

Not simply benefiting the community but creating a stronger more cohesive society at large.

  Samtökin ‘78 (Iceland)

.gay would prove the LGBT reliability of sites.

  PFLAG Canada (Canada)

We see the .gay TLD being important to advancing our mandate and improving the status of LGBTQ people.

  Out & Equal Workplace Advocates (United States)

A valuable asset to LGBT businesses and consumers...creating opportunities and economic growth.

  IndigNation (Singapore)

Allow international communities to be aware of the struggles and pride we have.

  Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (Germany)

Helps us to integrate .. vital for our future commitment.

  International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (United States)

Critical to keeping not only our history alive, but also in assisting individuals and organizations as they deal with discrimination and abuse.

  Gayten-LGBT (Serbia)

Groundbreaking, especially while offering unique protections, more trusted user experiences and financial support.

  The National Association of GLBT in Israel (Israel)

The best pipeline through which we can and should promote our human rights agenda and culture worldwide.

  World Outgames Antwerp 2013 (Belgium)

.gay stands for quality and honesty.

  National Center for Lesbian Rights (United States)

.gay will lend strong support to link LGBT people and resources.

  Travel Gay Canada (Canada)

Greatly strengthen the LGBT community by contributing 67% of profits back into the community.

  Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund (United States)

Better organize the online activities of the LGBT community.

  The Global Alliance for LGBT Education (The Netherlands)

.gay will add to a sense of identity and activism.

  Gay Business Association (United Kingdom)

.gay would help signpost legitimate gay and lesbian sites.

  Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (Spain)

A very good project to make the gay reality more visible in our world.

  National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (United States)

NGLCC sees .gay as a valuable partner and tool to help us further our own mission.

  Coalition Gaie et Lesbienne du Quebec (Canada)

It will benefit all of our LGBT organizations.

  International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (United States)

.gay will integrate our community building and networking.

  Trans-Fuzja Foundation (Poland)

A first step in recognizing LGBT services and communities both on the world wide web and offline.

  FELGTB (Spain)

A very good project to make the gay reality more visible in our world.

  Colage (United States)

Amplify the voices of our families and advocate for equality.

  Federation Nationale de L’Autre Cercle (France)

The proposed .gay top-level domain (or any other TLD designed for the LGBTQI community) should be operated by members of that community.

  Federation fo Gay Games (United States)

We find merit in the application of dotgay LLC to ICANN for the management of the TLD .gay.

  Durban Lesbian & Gay Community & Health Center (South Africa)

We believe it is critical to have the .gay TLD, or any other TLD designed for the LGBTQIA+ (Queer) community operated by the community. It instils a sense of safety, trust and belonging.

  Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association (Canada)

We support dotgay LLC in creating a business model for .gay with the community in mind.

  Consortium of LGBT Voluntary and Community Organizations (United Kingdom)

Having the .gay TLD run by an organization that understands our community needs, and who actively wants to work with us, is essential.

  National Gay Media Association (United States)

dotgay LLC is an organization of people that have long been working in the LGBT community and are well respected.

  Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS (Cameroon)

Will play a major role in advancing the rights of LGBTI people everywhere.

  Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association Inc. (Australia)

It would allow our members to clearly identify themselves from other businesses.

  Winq Media (The Netherlands)

A statement to the non-gay world we live in.

  Beijing LGBT Center (China)

An invaluable tool for the LGBT community.

  Curve Magazine (United States)

We believe this model will receive strong support of the LGBTQIA+ service and non-profit segments.

  International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (France)

A .gay TLD would certainly increase the visibility of the global LGBT movement.

  Gay Alliance Belarus (Belarus)

.Gay will indicate the importance of the LGBT community in the modern information field.

  Arus Pelangi (Indonesia)

Highly beneficial for information sharing and education for LGBTQIA+ communities.

  Lithuanian Gay League (Lithuania)

A more visible and stronger identity in the worldwide web.

  Association of LGBT and their friends MOZAIKA (Latvia)

.gay will assist our outreach work .. growth and visibility of our organization.

  Queer Alliance Nigeria (Nigeria)

The .gay domain will further the objections of the struggle for equality.

  Equal India Alliance (India)

A .gay TLD can cause mass awareness.

  Lesbian & Gay Foundation (United Kingdom)

Helping to assist a range of potential service users and wider stakeholders.

  KwaZulu-Natal Gay & Lesbian Tourism Association (South Africa)

It will provide political and social standing at a time of greater injustice and the upkeep of “the last acceptable prejudice.”

The dotgay® Initiative for .gay Domain Names


About .gay

A landmark proposal to create a .gay domain space on the Internet

If approved, .gay would exist as a so-called “Top-Level Domain” (TLD), the most well-known example of which is .com, and individuals, businesses and organizations would be able to register domain names ending in .gay. In addition to .gay, the governing body of Internet domain space, ICANN, considering TLD proposals for .sports, .shop and more.

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The dotgay® LLC Mission

Safety, Visibility and Support

Committed to a community mandate in developing the .gay domain space, the mission of the .gay TLD is to create an environment on the Internet that addresses important and primary needs of the gay community.

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Giving .gay

.gay can serve as a common platform for enhancing the resources of the LGBT community.

Our business model calls for non-profit LGBT client organizations to receive 67% of the profit generated from the sale of .gay domain names. The funds would be channeled through a tax-exempt foundation operated separately from dotgay LLC. Decisions about how to distribute funding would be in the hands of an independent board of directors.

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Why .gay?

Why "gay" and not an acronym such as LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer)

The simple answer is that we need a word that encompasses the entire community, and “gay” makes the most sense. Like it or not, the word has become an umbrella term, a universally adopted colloquialism signifying a community as a whole.

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Community .gay

The Concept of .gay Community Domains

Key to dotgay®‘s proposal is recognizing from the outset that some .gay domains are, in effect, community property and should be administered accordingly. The idea is to safeguard .gay domain names based on important generic keywords and develop them as conduits for accessing relevant organizations and businesses worldwide.

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About dotgay® LLC

dotgay® LLC is the originator of a landmark proposal to create a .gay domain space on the Internet.

Formed to garner support for a .gay TLD and advance a mandate for delivering tangible financial and strategic benefits for the LGBT community. dotgay®‘s proposal is based on 1) channeling 67% of the profits from the sale of .gay domain names to nonprofit LGBT client organizations, and 2) safeguarding key community domains.

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Endorse .gay

dotgay® LLC has received the support of more than 190+ LGBT international organizations.

As the only community-based applicant for the .gay domain, dotgay® LLC has enlisted the input of the global gay community to develop the mission for .gay, including the participation of community leaders and LGBT organizations and associations around the globe.

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Solidarity .gay

By working together, we become stronger.

Run for the mutual benefit of LGBT constituents—the service and non-profit community, business community, advertisers and media, plus a diverse range of individuals and emerging community groups—.gay can become an empowering space that recognizes and celebrates diversity, while also serving as a rallying point for an entire community.

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Employment practices, partner benefits and the investment in human capital become streamlined with direct communication to LGBTQIA

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Monitor brand health, awareness and growth through LGBTQIA benchmarks and engagement

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The acceptance of .gay as a top level domain (TLD) legitimizes the LGBTQIA community globally

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Community inspired indexes builds awareness through aggregated content, association and identification (lesbian.gay, bisexual.gay, trans.gay etc.)

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